If you swing by the shop, chances are you'll see me (Amber). Sometimes (like in the last few days) you may even see one of the kids snoozing in a chair when they are sick. At first glance, it might seem like I'm a one (wo)man band.

That couldn't be further from the truth. 

As I write this, well into the night, my husband (Jay) is still working at the shop. I swear, if he's not working his full time job, overtime on storm or coaching on a field, there's a good chance he's doing business stuff or picking up the slack at home with dinner and bedtimes, so I can get "just one more thing" done. 

This. Is. Teamwork. 

And I am so grateful for it. There's a lot that goes into building something from the ground up that sometimes I feel like I get more credit than I should. Sure, I'm working my buns off, but we all are. Even the kids. Patience is hard work, especially with a new baby in the house. (Don't be confused; This business IS our new baby. Not a real child. I can't be responsible for another living being.) 

I think in business there are a lot of unsung heroes. 

Heroes are the ones who babysat the children while you work. Or the guy who donated his decking boards and built a workbench or two. Or it could be the employees. To be clear, we aren't even paying ourselves yet, so employees is out of the question, but I can see the value they bring. And I can't wait to share this journey and support them in their growth too - when that time comes. 

For now, I'm going to give props to my guy who is working at this just as much as I am and who really helped make this possible. 

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