How Orange Graphix is better than Big Box Online Retailers

Yesterday, I had the honor of creating a birthday shirt for a special little girl. They have a tradition where she wears a special shirt on her birthday every year. When Amazon dropped the ball in delivering the shirt on time, it sent Mama into a panic. Sure it would be easy to pick up a random shirt at Walmart and throw it together to keep the tradition alive, but if you don't have to go through that kind of aggravation, why would you? (I should also add that plenty of other moms stepped up to the plate offering up birthday shirts they had, because, let's face it, our community is awesome.)

When Mama contacted me she shared a few photos of the shirts she ordered and the runner-up. This is immensely helpful because right away I could tell what kind of style this child had and that includes fonts, images, symbols, and materials. I assured her that we'd come up with something great. 

In less than two hours, she was standing in front of me picking up her daughter's custom-not-like-anything-else-out-there shirt. In our exchange, she mentioned how she drives by and forgot that we were here and do this very thing. I appreciate the full honesty because it got me thinking about who we are a business and what we stand for... and also how can we become so visible that we ARE the first thing people think about. 

I did a little brainstorming about our online competitors, who we are and this is what I came up with...

Amazon offers their customers speedy shipping (if you are a Prime member). The shirts they offer are predesigned and ready to go. This ideally works if they have the color options and sizes in stock in a design you love. 

CustomInk allows the customer to design a shirt with an easy to use interface. While their shipping times and costs might not be ideal, the customer has full control over their design and the garment it's put on.

So how does Orange Graphix compete with that?

We are local.

We are local, so aside from contributing to the local economy (more on this later), we are close enough to pick up your garment on your way to work, school or wherever else you need to go. Having no shipping charges can be liberating and for those customers who enjoy the excitement of opening up a package - we can always mail them for just a few bucks. 

Same day results.

If we have what you need in stock, we can usually turn around your special order in the same day - and depending on the workload, sometimes we can turn it around in the same hour. Orange Graphix stocks popular colors, sizes, styles, and materials, so most of the time, we have what just what you want.

You can design your shirt.

This is a big one. We often have customers that like being part of the design process but have no idea how to bring it to life. That's where we come in. We provide suggestions on how to bring a design from great to WOW. We can advise and offer guidance on color, contrast and what will make your design stand out, but ultimately it comes down to the customer's preferences. If you have a set vision, we will roll with that. 

We can design your shirt.

Orange Graphix has a growing in-house catalog of ideas just waiting to be used. Everything from funny quotes to sports mom tees are easy and ready to go. You just pick the color preferences. And away we go! 

Customer service is what we're about.

Quality customer service is the foundation of Orange Graphix. Right now, we are a small establishment so you're receiving personal customer service direct from the owner. As we grow, this is something we plan to carry over as we take on team members. Customer service is a thread we will carry throughout, so no matter who you are dealing with your happiness will be at the top of the list. 

As a small business, online retailers are extremely hard to compete with. I am certain they offer things that just aren't possible here (for now). And that's ok. We are working hard to make ripples and connections in our own community. No worries if we're not the first place you think of, as long as you think of us and give us the opportunity to serve you. Our hope is to wow you with service and an awesomely designed garment... so next time you'll know exactly where to go. 

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