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No article of clothing is more iconic than a screen printed t-shirt. Everyone has at least one hanging out in their closet. Some of us have accumulated quite an impressive stash. They are little glimpses into our past; various concerts, fun runs, fundraisers, sporting events, memorial events, or even a random tourist gift shop.

Screen printing is fantastic for larger quantities as it's much more efficient and we can get pretty creative with how the ink is applied. For this reason, it's hard to post pricing as every job is so different. (Also, if your artwork is multiple colors, we often can use the garment as one of the colors, thereby saving you from needing another screen.)

Prints on almost any type of garment and color.
Great for large runs. [
High volume printing available.]
Minimum of 12 garments per color.

Heat sealed

As popular as screen printing is, you might be surprised to learn that a good deal of decorated wear is actually heat applied. 

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is a special vinyl that comes on a roll, which is then cut to your design specs and heat pressed onto a substrate. We have a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from in stock. This includes mattes, metallics, glow-in-the-dark, and glitter. HTV can be applied to (but certainly not limited to) t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, table cloths, bags, can coolers, blankets, fabric, pop-up canopies, and so much more. Whether it's a logo or a simple name added to a sleeve, we can usually pull it off with HTV. FYI: The vinyl we use is rated for football jerseys, so we trust they'll last for quite awhile.

Other heat sealed methods are also available. Depending on the design and quantity requested, screen printed transfers and digital printing for full color logos are a great alternative. 

Due to the nature of these methods, each project has to be priced individually. Standard t-shirts with HTV start at $20. These make perfect gifts!

Can be applied to almost any material.
Great for small runs.

Maximum of 12 garments.


Every customer is greeted with a smile. Your experience when doing business with us is an absolute priority. We want the entire process to be smooth and worry-free. Communication is of utmost importance. We are transparent about savings, potential design concerns and completion times. No charge!


Marketing happens to be a passion of ours, so if you're designing a t-shirt or a new logo for your business cards you can bet we'll be looking out for your best interests. 

Through the design process we may ask a lot of questions, so we can serve you in the most efficient manner possible. Being upfront about your preferences (and what you don't like!) is super helpful, because it will eliminate anything that doesn't meet your criteria. For example, there are millions of fonts out there. If you tell us you don't like script, that narrows things down quite a bit!  

Developing a visual identity that speaks to your intended audience and makes a statement for years to come is all about branding! Logo designs start at $500. If you are interested in having a logo designed, please fill out this questionnaire so we can learn more about your business. 

See our policies for more information about designs for t-shirts. 


Achieve a long lasting, professional style with embroidery. Don't be fooled into thinking you need to be a big corporation to go for a clean cut look. Embroidery can be the finishing touch to a baby blanket or a name and number on a sports jacket.

If your idea includes anything but basic text (serif, sans serif, script or block), you may need to have your design digitized for an additional fee. A digitized file basically tells the embroidery machine where each stitch goes - a very important element in this process.

Suitable for hats, polos, hoodies, blankets, bags, etc.
No minimums!


Who doesn't love a decal for their favorite ride or living room wall? At this time, our method for handling decals is very similar to our HTV process. Simple designs can easily be made into a sticker perfect for any occasion.

Full color stickers and other promotional materials are also an option.

Minimum order must be $25 or more.

Great products and Amber is so easy to work with!!
— Jenna Archibald